Zelda's Armor

Monday, May 9, 2011
Yay! Finally done the first part of my Zelda cosplay. I know, I'm a Zelda die-hard, so sue me. Here's how I spent my last five days:

First, cutting, layering and gluing pieces of craft foam into the right shape.

Held the individual pieces over a stove burner to heat and then shape them.

Painted with glue to apply a layer of cloth to the bottom side.

(The fabric gives the armor strength and resilience)

Cut the fabric away at the edges and decorated with fabric paint.

Painted a glue-water concoction to the outside to glossify it, give it more strength and keep the paint from seeping into the foam.

Four layers of glue later and it's time to paint!

The painting is now done and gems are glued on.

The armor pieces are glue-gunned together and ready to wear!

The crown/tiara is done too!

This entire part of the costume cost no more than $7. More patience was required though.
Hope to be wearing it all soon, along with the rest of my costume-to-be!


  1. Ryan said...:

    thats amazing!!! i have been looking for a cheap way to make armor! thank you!!!

  1. Rose said...:

    Hooray!!! That's awesome! It looks so...so...zeldaish! :] These projects always nom time. Mom says there will be no clocks in heaven *sigh* that alone makes it heavenly.

  1. Shiree. said...:

    You do realize how absolutely astoundingly talented you are - right? :D

  1. Marah said...:

    This fantastic and I'm glad somebody finally made a how-to on Zelda's armor. I'm being Princess Zelda for Halloween this year, creating the Twilight Princess dress. And I, of course, need to make this for it! I'm working on a pretty tight budget though. Do you think you could email me at marahnwehler@live.com and help me out with the products and such? It'd be a big help, thanks!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    That's amazing! Can you tell me the widths and heights of the pieces you started with? Not the size of the foam itself, but the size of what you cut out. Thanks!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    incredible! How do you get the reliefs armor and tiara?