Monday, October 5, 2009
I like art. Here's some pics of me, my art, my puppy, and just randomness from my life. (: Enjoy, if you will. And feel MORE than free to comment.? ;]


Ninja chick.. this one still needs color.

Nighttime fox, who loves LOTR. (:


I think this one speaks for itself...

Our new puppy, Tolkien <3

He plays fetch, especially loves his Bullwinkle.

Me in sepia.

another of me, playing hockey (:

Star Wars vs. Star Trek (drawn by me)

the first one I colored on the computer

an anime jedi.. that I drew. (:

a certain nintendo character

another hot nintendo character (:

nawt so hawt, but he's okay..

This is Zelda, another nintendo character xD

This is mah pooch Tolkien, playing fetch :D


  1. Ah! :) There's that Jedi you drew me! ;D You know what, I still have that picture. :)