Summer.. :]

Saturday, July 2, 2011
Summer has finally begun for me! This is the first year that I have not finished school by the end of May, and summer has never felt so summer-y as it does this year.
This past Tuesday my tortures came to an end as I finished my last departmental exam. There were five in total, three maths, a physics and a bio exam. (My three worst subjects.) I don't think I did half-bad. I won't know for sure until I get my marks back, but I'm optimistic that I did quite well, especially considering I didn't take the courses. So, I'm well on my way to grade 12! I think next year'll be a breeze in comparison.

I s'pose there's a few other things that have happened over here since I last blogged. One, our dog had his second surgery. The silly little guy decided playing fetch with rocks wasn't enough for him, and thought it might be fun to eat one. Surgery and medication expenses in, that turned out to be a pretty pricey rock. He's back to ol' chipper self now, though, and loving life as much as ever.
Another piece of interest came two days ago when we took a trip to "the City" for some shopping. Mom had the great idea that dress shops may have some good sales once the school
year was over, and thought maybe we should have a look
around. Lo and behold, I came home with a grad dress. A bit early I s'pose, since I don't graduate til' next year, but the it's got room to grow. (Y'al are thinking, "Yeah right, Anna. What are the odds that you're going to grow this year?" Probably pretty slim.)

Oh, before I log off, I must announce that I finished Out of the Silent Planet this morning! What a good read, C.S. Lewis never ceases to blow me away with his verbal genius. Here's my impression of a hross, for any who care. I'm hoping to draw one of each of the hnau of Malacandra this summer.