Practice makes perfect!

Saturday, May 21, 2011
I've been working lately on improving my art technique, especially in my weaker areas. Drawing people is a hard task, but I hope I'm hoping to get better. Here's some hands & eyes that I've been experimenting with.


  1. Rose said...:

    That is awesomesauce.
    But one question, did you just change your signature???!!!

  1. Rose said...:

    And the hands - I could never draw them like that - they're all LEFT HANDS!!! ;) And amazing.

  1. Anna-kin said...:

    They are left hands, because I had to take the pictures to base them from with my right hand. ;) Ah, you noticed my change in signature! I'm trying to model my hand writing after Elven Common Speak. I once tried to make a habit of writing like a hobbit, but it was too slow. :(